Trail Talk Form

The PSA strives to keep the most current contact information of our membership. This helps us send occasional email announcements, mail out our HIGH COUNTRY magazine, or alert you to regional reunions in your area among other things.

Please feel free to fill out as much of the form as you would like as often as your information changes. This form can be used for simple email address changes, more involved mailing address updates, or a even as full bio.

Member Information

First name

Middle name

Last name


(505) 376-2281 for example

05-30 to 08-22 for example

Philmont Work History

For example:
1987, PTC, Food Service
1996, Backcountry, CD-Beaubien

After Philmont



We want to assist Philmont in hiring the best staff members. To do that we need some testimonials to use in recruitment promotions on how your Philmont experience prepared you for your next jobs.

For example:”Performing in closing campfire helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. I now get paid well to give presentations around the world to auditoriums of people. Activities staff 1973.”

Philmont Contacts

We would like your help in locating former Staff interested in hearing about Philmont and potentially joining the PSA. Friends or family you exchange phone calls and email with on a regular basis may not be aware of your involvement with the PSA. Please let us know how we can help reconnect with these lost souls.

For example:
John Smith,, 1971, Backcountry, PC-Cimarroncito
Any information you have can be helpful.

Don’t hesitate to provide some information even if it doesn’t follow the example.

Use this box for any additional comments, questions, or information not requested elsewhere.

All information gathered by the Philmont Staff Association through this form will be used to update our records in the PSA Database and Member Directory. It is the policy of the PSA to never sell our database to any company or individual. However, we do publish a PSA Membership Directory for the sole benefit of our members and we will attempt to politely invite any lost souls to the PSA.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our privacy policy.